I am devoted to improving the lives of business leaders and their companies. Our clients oversee emerging entrepreneurial companies thru mature complex organizations, each with their own unique set of challenges.

Company Overview

Safe Change is a company that is devoted to improving the lives of those that lead businesses. We are not consultants, coaches, mentors or group oriented, but rather the best of each of these.

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Types of Services

Our services can be tailored to our clients needs, but we do however offer services such as organizational improvement and advisory programs that provide a rich environment of ongoing accountability, self awareness, learning, and support.

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Emerging Entrepreneurs

With the birth of start-ups occurring at such a rapid pace we’ve created programs specifically designed for these types of clients that help build and grow their businesses resulting in stronger and more efficient organizations.

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Why have an Advisor?

Surprisingly enough, there are way more business owners and organizational leaders that have trouble sleeping than you may think. So imagine if you could work with a business advisor that would improve your life and make you sleep better at night.

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What is Business Loan Advisors all about?

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Business Loan Advisors is devoted to training and assisting Small & Medium Sized Businesses to package and present their businesses story to appropriate lenders. All work is done in a manner that will facilitate and enhance our client’s chance of getting approved for a business loan. The ability to get a business loan in today’s financial atmosphere is difficult but very possible if packaged and presented correctly.  (See NY Daily News article below)

Business Loan Advisors works with lenders and Small & Medium Sized Business clients across the country. Clients learn how to take the positive actions necessary to get a “YES” decision for their business loans

Ron Knauf, Managing Director and his team, have years of experience with an array of lenders having various specialties. They also have considerable familiarity with privately held business owner’s issues and situations. Coupling those skills, they are able to take the pain and uncertainty out the borrowing process.

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Press Release: Ron Knauf & Fill in the Brand

Ron Knauf has been named Managing Director of Fill in the Brand.

Having recently joined Andrew Bryan in the leadership of the company it raises the question “Who is Ron Knauf”?  Ron will serve as Managing Director, primarily overseeing Business Development and Administrative Services. He will be blogging on various topics on a regular basis.

We welcome him to our leadership. Ron enjoys the challenges of; repositioning companies and brands, sharpening their focus and refining their strategies. These projects have been in support of privately held (family owned) companies in the USA, Asia and Europe. He is particularly adept at growing sales, improving margins and increasing net worth for clients by utilizing many proven marketing and sales techniques. His strengths are in: Outcome Based Sales Leadership, Market Positioning, ISO Implementation, Activity Based Costing, and Sustainable Management Improvement. Ron commented to a client, “My goals are the satisfaction of achieving positive company outcomes for clients and earning the right to be referred to other companies.”

The uniqueness of Fill in the Brand and the way Andrew has positioned this company was very attractive to Ron. He also serves as Managing Director of Safe Change LLC. a company devoted to improving the lives of leaders and their companies. Fill in the Brand and Safe Change have common goals with Fill in the Brand focused on the marketing issues facing small and medium sized business owners. “For our clients we often become their marketing department” Ron said in a recent interview. Both companies serve a similar client base.

Defining Safe Change

In this video, Ron explains what Safe Change is all about as well as a little bit of his background.